Scars has been released!

My album has been finally released! I can't tell you how proud i am and pleased to give you Scars. I have put my whole heart into into finishing it for the past few months whilst we have been in lock down. It was a big miles stone for me. It's been a difficult time for us all and I chose the time whilst we were staying at home to finally set this work free. I'd like to say a big thank you to those who have helped me and contributed to my album. I'm so grateful for all your help.

Nick Brent - Guitars on Phantom Love and Dance With Me Habibi.

Dave clinch - Uilleann pipes on Lady Of the Water fall.

Andrew Perrett - All guitars on - Father Mould,,

Trudi Mackie Brown - Cello on Dance with Habibi,

Steve Crocker - Guitar - All is One.

Martin Eve - Gamelan programming and editing on Phantom love, post production, Album artwork and photography, good advice and support. Marianne ♥️

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