Marianne Holland   BIO

Marianne Holland is a Singer/Songwriter based in North Wales who has been writing music and singing since the early 1980's.  Mainly known as a versatile and powerful singer, She also plays keyboards, bass guitar, and guitar, composes and edits original music using music software in her home studio.


Marianne has a back catalogue of music of over a hundred tracks and over the past few years has enjoyed contributing to a growing amount of other artists' music too such as, Dogleg, 4th Eden, Andawan, Graham Lavallin and many more. 


After graduating in 2009 with a BA in Music Practice, she became interested in music/voice therapy and healing and hopes to continue her 'Finding a Voice' workshops which she began then to help others enjoy singing without anxiety or other insecurities in her local community. 


In September 2015,  Marianne released her first 4 track EP called A Place Unholy and in February 2016, a collaboration with 4th Eden and Lamara-Marie was released as a single called Our Last Breath. This single is also the first physical release for her and is available on compact disc as well as digital download.

In April 2017 She released her conceptual, Post apocalyptic EP The Barren Lands.  In January 2019 The collaborative project EP Cloud Tunes by The Hidden Flame.

In June 2020 The release of Scars, The 1st Album by Marianne Holland


Marianne loves being part of the North Wales music scene ever since moving back to the area after moving back from the busy music scene in Devon and hosts two open mic nights for local musicians and plays  local gigs in the area as a solo original artist and with local cover band Supa Nova as lead vocalist and Bass player/.


Marianne says "Sounds and music are everywhere and in everything, Life would be very dull without them. I feel incredibly lucky to have a voice and to be able to express myself through my music and singing. I hope to continue learning more and carry on creating, composing and sharing my music with others in the future"